Seeking Operations Manager

The Veritas Forum is recruiting for an Operations Manager in the Seattle area. This role will combine operational and administrative responsibilities for a rapidly growing, geographically-dispersed organization.
Operationally, the role will lead the design and execution of select finance, administration and HR, including:

    •    Lead the relationships with Veritas’ accounting, finance and audit service provider(s)
    •    Oversee Veritas corporate and trademark renewals etc.
    •    Manage staff and vendor contracting processes etc.
    •    Lead targeted event planning and logistics (for staff summits, board meetings etc.)
    •    Targeted support for ongoing program needs (e.g., iContact email blasts, program marketing and 
printing support, inventory management etc.)
    •    General office oversight including: human resources, staff support, policies and procedures, purchasing 
and distribution and administrative support for Forum events etc. Hire and oversee part time intern(s) to provide additional support for program needs during Veritas’ busy seasons (e.g., fall, winter and spring matching the academic calendar)

The role will also provide targeted support for the Executive Director, including:
    •    Help scheduling meetings, plan and book travel etc.
    •    Help plan and oversee the ongoing organization calendar

The Operations Manager will keep a weekly schedule of approximately 25-30 hours per week at the Veritas office in Seattle. Click here for a complete job description.


Seeking Veritas Forum Regional Directors

The Veritas Forum is a fast-growing, strategic ministry that is partnering with Christian professors and student fellowships to restore the intellectual credibility of Christianity in the public sphere. Veritas Forums are high-profile university events which engage students and faculty from a range of worldviews in discussions about life's hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ. The Veritas Forum also publishes thought-provoking content for broader audiences and provides a unique platform for leading Christian academics and innovators to become public intellectuals. The first Veritas Forum took place at Harvard in 1992, and now nearly 100 universities across the United States, Canada, and Europe are hosting annual Forums.

As a Regional Director, the successful candidate will join a high-caliber team of staff working to plant and develop Veritas Forums in different regions across North America. Responsibilities include casting vision to campus ministers, students, and faculty at some of the most strategic schools in the country, coaching teams through the process of planning and executing Veritas Forums, and working with campus ministers to leverage the Veritas platform in creative ways to support their year round mission.  Regional directors are also required to be highly detail-oriented and capable of project-managing multiple teams in the execution of high-quality, university events.  Strong personal motivation to invest in the vision of The Veritas Forum is highly valued, so candidates must be mature and growing Christians, with an understanding of campus ministry, a passion for connecting the big questions of life with the person and story of Christ, and a grasp of the strategic role of the university and its ideas in our culture. 

There are no current Regional Director positions open.