Emory University
Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Do Good Well?

Can I have success and significance?

February 3, 2016 at 7:00 pm
Harland Cinema

About the Presenters
Lecturer on Law, Harvard Law School; Founder and Partner, Westaway Law; Co-Founder, Biographe

Kyle Westaway is Founding Partner at Westaway Law - an innovative Brooklyn law firm that counsels social entrepreneurs - and a Lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School, where he co-teaches a course on social entrepreneurship.

He is author of the forthcoming book Profit & Purpose and writes on social innovation, entrepreneurship and emerging markets for The GuardianThe Wall Street Journal and Quartz.  He launched socentlaw.com - a blog on the legal side of social enterprise, and careerinbeta.com - a blog on the future of work.

Kyle co-founded Biographe – a socially conscious fashion brand employing and empowering survivors of the commercial sex trade in Southeast Asia. He is Chairman of the Board for The Adventure Project and serves as a mentor for Harvard’s I-Lab and Praxis.  

Associate Professor of Political Science at Emory University

Andra Gillespie earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Government & Foreign Affairs and African American Studies from the University of Virginia. She went on to earn a Master of Arts in African American Studies and a Master of Philosophy in Political Science from Yale University, where she also earned her doctorate in 2005. Before joining the faculty at Emory, she worked as an analyst for Democratic pollster Mark Mellman.

Gillespie’s teaching portfolio includes numerous classes on race and politics in theUnited States. She teaches the undergraduate survey course in African American politics, as well as a specialized course called “New Black Political Leadership.” She has also taught courses in political participation, experimental methods, and race and elections.

Gillespie’s current research focuses on the political leadership of the post-civil rights generation. She is the author of The New Black Politician: Cory Booker, Newark and Post-Racial America (NYU Press 2012). This book uses a case study of the evolution of black politics in Newark, New Jersey to challenge students of black politics to revise their understanding of the connection between racial solidarity, vote choice and policy preferences. She is also the editor of and a contributor to Whose Black Politics? Cases in Post-Racial Black Leadership(Routledge, 2010). This book features case studies of prominent black elected officials born after 1960 to shed light on whether the advent of a new generation of black political leadership will actually revolutionize our understanding of African American politics. Due to her academic training and personal faith, Gillespie also maintains secondary academic interests in political participation, inter-minority group competition and evangelical politics in the United States.

In addition to her academic work, Gillespie maintains an active public profile, providing regular commentary for local and national news outlets.  She has appeared on Atlanta’s local ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, and PBS affiliates, as well as CNN, NPR and FamilyNet.  Her editorials have been featured in the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionThe Washington Post, and Politico.  In addition, she is a contributor to Politico.com’s Arena.

History at Emory University

MIT Professor of Chemistry Troy Van Voorhis spoke at the March 2015 Veritas Forum at Emory University. Dr. Van Voorhis explored the interaction between faith and science with a talk entitled, "Can a Scientists Believe in Miracles?

In 2014, Emory invited UNC's Praveen Sethupathy to answer the question "Am I More Than my Genes?" at The Veritas Forum at Emory.

In 2013, The Veritas Forum at Emory welcomed Jeff Schloss and Frans de Waal to discuss questions of morality and altruism in "Morals Without God?".


Since its beginning, science has demonstrated its uncapped ability to uncover and explain our universe... or has it? In 2012, The Veritas Forum at Emory invited MIT professor Ian Hutchinson to discuss science and faith in "The Scientism Delusion?".

In 2008, The Veritas Forum at Emory welcomed New Testament scholar N.T. Wright to explain common misunderstandings about heaven, souls, and resurrection with historical and Biblical insights. "Why does Jesus' Resurrection matter?" How does the resurrection relate to everyday life ... and the afterlife?